So now we understand the vegetarians!

Meat is a great and good source of the B vitamins.

Taking daily supplements of B vitamins may delay the onset of Alzheimer\’s disease, scientists have claimed.

The discovery that people in the early stages of failing memory can retain more of their mental faculties for longer if they take the tablets regularly could lead to treatments for the condition. Some participants in the Oxford University trial saw their neurological decline reduced by as much as half after using B vitamins.

So, all of the problems, cognitive impairments and straight flat out logical nonsense we get from the greenies is that so many of them are vegetarians and vegans, suffering from early onset Alzheimer\’s.

Feed liver to them all and the problem will go away.


2 thoughts on “So now we understand the vegetarians!”

  1. Well, veggies are often the same people who campaign against our bodies being stuffed with “artificial” chemicals. So I guess eating liver rather than popping pills would be a more logical choice.

    Sadly we have to accapt that, due to their existing Vitamin B deficiency, these people are unlikely to make logical choices.

  2. To be fair there is marmite, a very good source of B vitamins. Of course the salt levels make it a no no for the righteous.

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