Something else we can cut

Sainsbury\’s is to be taken to court for using too much packaging, the first time that a major retailer has been prosecuted under obscure environmental laws.

We can get rid of the law for a start. But we\’ll also be able to get rid of another swathe of council employed staff.

A spokesman for the supermarket said: “We are surprised at the comments made by Lincolnshire County Council, which do not reflect the very positive outcome of our meeting with Lincolnshire’s packaging team.

It wouldn\’t surprise me at all to find that every council in the country had a \”packaging team\”. This really isn\’t an essential function of government.

It isn\’t something that only government can do and it\’s arguably not something that needs to be done either.

6 thoughts on “Something else we can cut”

  1. It’s certainly something to bear in mind when the councils start squealing (did they ever stop?) about budget tightening.

    Actually, this may serve a useful purpose – educating those people who think ‘trading standards’ is a useful front line service stopping Del Boy and Rodney from flogging you antifreeze-laced wine and teddy bears from China made of lead and asbestos.

    In at least one council, it means a frothing ecoloon. And I bet it ISN’T just one council…

  2. I was under the, perhaps mistaken, impression that a fair amount of packaging was demanded for legal reasons. So we seem to be in the usual state of one arm of government demanding the use of the stuff and another arm threatening prosecution for complying with the previous mob.

  3. Let’s not be so polite…

    The reason we need so much packaging is that people don’t wash their bacteria infested hands after they used the toilet.

    Even washed hands are still quite contaminated and if someone left a good dose of salmonella and friends on a produce they fingered before you, washing it off is also not very effective.

  4. @Hexe – So you don’t clean your food before eating it? What about all the hands of the people who handled the food before it was packaged?

    All this obsesive behaviour about cleaniness means that the odd bacteria that does get through (because no system is 100% effective) causes more damage to people as they have grown up with less resistence to germs.

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