Steve Cram, I\’m a socialist, me

So he\’s said to say:

Steve Cram: I\’m a socialist so I don\’t mind taxes

Well, what he actually says is:

Strangely, I don\’t mind paying my taxes because, being a bit of a socialist, I can see the value of the services that they go towards.

That\’s hardly socialist: you could run anyone on that platform, from me to Mother Theresa or Joe Stalin. The argument is about which services are worth the tax that\’s being paid for them……

There\’s also this:

Getting both my kids through university – Marcus is attending Fettes in Edinburgh and Josie is at Leeds University.

Fettes? The Scottish Eton?

I think being in control of your own affairs is very important because if you make a bad judgement call, then the onus is on you.

Personal responsibility?

Odd sort of socialism really.

5 thoughts on “Steve Cram, I\’m a socialist, me”

  1. Not at all odd. Very much a typical socialist: someone who is guilty at their success and directs this guilt outward as socialism. Classic Freudian projection.

  2. Well it may be the Scottish Eton but it is also Blair’s alma mater.

    There was a time when socialists didn’t like private schools but it seems by the Cram definition the only thing that could stop you being classed as socialist was if you thought the tax money going into windmills, quangos & Luddite propaganda was wasted.

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