Strange when Catholic orthodoxy is considered \”right wing\”

In fact, this particular little piece of Catholic orthodoxy is really rather left wing, at least as far as the feminist wing of the left would have it.

It was one of the unlikliest outcomes of the primary season, given that even a few weeks ago O\’Donnell was widely regarded as being so far to the right as to be unelectable.

The result delivers another shock to the Republican party establishment trying to withstand the battering it has had this year from the grassroots Tea Party.

O\’Donnell, who is pro-gun, anti-abortion, fiscally conservative and believes masturbation is a sin,

Leave out the others for a moment and concentrate just on that last. Why does she think so?

In a television interview a decade ago, she said: \”The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can\’t masturbate without lust.\”

Well, not quite, lusting after another, one you\’re not married to, in your heart is adultery. And we\’ve had a recent Pope and Jimmy Carter both stating the same thing more recently.

As to the feminist side of it, that sexual dalliance with a distorted image in your head could certainly be described as objectification, just as porn itself is so described.

Now yes, I know, we\’ve all gone beyond \”sin\” as a useful description, us metropolitan intellectual types, but it does slightly jar to have that particular position, that tossing off is naughty, described as \”so right wing as to be unelectable\”, when we could very easily tie it in with modern feminist theory.

That she is stonkingly right wing in American terms is entirely true, it\’s just that little part of the allegation that surprises.

1 thought on “Strange when Catholic orthodoxy is considered \”right wing\””

  1. “when we could very easily tie it in with modern feminist theory.”

    Er, no.

    Her stuff about “lust” is standard trope for that breed of evangelical kerazeee kristianity.

    No feminist actually makes the bizarre logical leaps about porn that you attribute to “feminists” (a rather useless term, because within the label there is so much variance and disagreement that indicating a singular tradition is simply misleading).

    Nice try, but no cigar.

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