Strangeness abounds

Harry Enfield went to school with Bong Bong Marcos.

3 thoughts on “Strangeness abounds”

  1. It is of course fairly common to find wealthy and/or powerful overseas Catholics at English Benedictine Schools though.

    Lots of European royalty for example at Ampleforth. I’d have thought for a playboy head of state’s son though that Worth would be the choice to have access to the flesh-pots of London and for ease of getting security and travel from the London airports.

    Tim adds: Indeed…I was only at Worth for the junior school but I did see BongBong (and Ferdinand and Imelda) once in the stretch limo. Fra. Bertie was there at the time as well and would wake us in the morning by singing the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic as he went to breakfast.

    Downside, where I then went, was a bit light on hte royalty and despots side: booze seemed to be more the thing. The heirs to both Sandeman’s Port and Bacardi rum were in my year and house…..

  2. Imee Marcos was my pal at school (Mayfield). Jackie Savundra in the class below. I had no idea who these people were at the time – I dont suppose the nuns cared much either as long as they got their fees.

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