The odious Dennis MacShane. Again.


Yes, it\’s about sex trafficking again and yes, he\’s got just about every fact and or figure wrong.

After one raid, a detective talks to a punter and politely asks him to stay in touch. But there is no arrest even though a brave group of Labour women ministers and MPs changed the law to make it a crime to pay for sex with a victim who has been coerced in any way into working as a prostitute.

Gosh, could this be because the police could find no evidence that the woman had been coerced?

Just as an example of MacShane\’s perversions:

Its solution is to legalise prostitution. Where this has been tried as in Nevada, the death and injury rate of prostituted women rises…

But prostitution isn\’t legal in Nevada. Prostitution is legal in certain counties in Nevada. I think I\’m right in saying that the potential legality or not is limited by State law to those counties which have either a population below a certain limit or a population per area below a certain limit.

It most certainly is not legal in the big towns: places like Las Vegas.

And yes, you will find that the death and injury rate for prostitutes is higher where it is illegal, in Vegas and the like, than in those rural counties where it is legal.

The man\’s simply a liar.

6 thoughts on “The odious Dennis MacShane. Again.”

  1. “Sir” Dennis MacShame has form.

    What was important in C4’s recent documentary on the topic was one sentence by a policeman: “we treat all women as victims if they cooperate”. I.e. to avoid getting nicked for prostitution, declare yourself trafficked/held/threatened. To use the term “distorting the figures” does not do that justice.

    If prostitution was legal, then they would soon know how many women were being coerced. Being trafficked to the UK illegally then turning to the game to quickly pay off the extortionate fees is not the same as being trafficked to the UK, tricked into prostitution and held against your will. The latter is slavery and rape, the former should be nobody’s business but the consenting parties.

  2. You didn’t ask for confirmation, but currently living 50 miles away from the Nevada border, and having traveled more of the state than most of your readers, I can confirm that prostitution is legal almost nowhere in the state.

  3. An interesting debate taking place on The Economist website has over 80% of people thinking prostitution should be legalised. Those against legalisation are taking a pummelling. It seems MacShane is very much in the minority.

  4. I remember reading that the situation in Nevada was much as Tim describes – legal only in near empty rural counties.

    A more reasonable comparison would be the situation Netherlands and/or Germany, I would have thought. As I understand it, prostitution is decriminalised and pretty much unregulated in the Netherlands and legal but quite highly regulated in Germany.

    How safe are German and Cloggie working girls compared to their British sisters? How many women in Netherlands and German brothels are victims of coersion?

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