Tory MP\’s wife is prostitute

And his response?

Mr Weatherley last night said he was unaware his wife is a prostitute saying: “Oh no. It’s a bit of a shock. We ­separated in February and I had ­absolutely no idea at all.

“We’ve kept in touch and have lunch together every week so we’re still good friends.

“That’s a horrible shock… thank you for letting me know.”

Seems a fair enough response really.

At least, unlike the politicians themselves, she is only screwing those who want to be screwed.

3 thoughts on “Tory MP\’s wife is prostitute”

  1. In Scotland they criminalise the people who pay for the services of a prostitute, not the prostitutes themselves.

    Their justification for doing this is that the prostitutes are supposed to be victims and the men are exploiting them.

    I doubt this woman is a victim, so maybe they should stop all the moral panic and hypocracy and legalise it?

    Nah,they won’t do that.

    The last home sec smoked weed but increased the sentence so those who weren’t lucky enough to not get caugh could get 5 years in jail, her life would have been ruined if that happened to her but she didn’t care.

    ALL politicans are absolute scum, I’m never voting for them again. Don’t vote, it only makes you part of the rotten system.

  2. @ David if you don’t vote the system stays the same, if it is such a big deal to you then get active.
    Btw prostitution and weed should be made legal, it makes complete sense, it is the only way to monitor both markets and keep them safe but more importantly they would generate a lot of money if taxed (like booze and cigarettes). However it will never happen because of the churches and conservatives.

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