We can tell how this is going to go, can\’t we?

Human impact on world\’s rivers \’threatens water security of 5 billion\’

Study on effect of all human intervention on water supplies finds water security and biodiversity severely damaged

OK, fully willing to believe it, then I read the article underneath.

They\’re saying, in part, that the things we do to improve water security (dams etc) reduce biodiversity.

The study, conducted by institutions across the globe, is the first to simultaneously look at all types of human intervention on freshwater – from dams and reservoirs to irrigation and pollution. It paints a devastating picture of a world whose rivers are in serious decline.

While developing countries are suffering from threats to both water security and biodiversity, particularly in Africa and central Asia, the authors were surprised by the level of threat posed to wildlife in rich countries.

\”What made our jaws drop is that some of the highest threat levels in the world are in the United States and Europe,\” said Prof Peter McIntyre, one of the lead authors, who began the project as a Smith Fellow at the University of Michigan.

But we do know how the message of this report is going to morph, don\’t we?

It\’ll be \”threatens water security of 5 billion\”, not, \”removal of wetlands and creation of dams increases water security but damages biodiversity\”.

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