Why I\’m very confused about Labour economic policy now

Here\’s an example of what they\’re saying they ought to be saying.

For what it’s worth – I’d favour sticking to a four year blue print, emphasising the flexibility in our approach and moving towards a 50/50 split between tax rises and spending cuts.

Barring extreme events the next election is in about 4 years time.

Just a thought, but shouldn\’t an economic policy be \”what we will do\” not \”what we would have done if you bastards had voted for us\”?

Another way of putting the same thought. In four years time the deficit will be reduced, in which case thisd policy is irrelevant, or in four yeasr time the deficit will not have been reduced in which case you still need a forward looking policy to deal with it.

My entirely speculative rumination is that the Labour Party still hasn\’t quite realised that it is out of power. They\’re having arguments about what is the correct policy to implement now. But they don\’t get to implement policy now.

What they need to develop is policies which they might implement if they do gain power at some point in hte future: and not policies which will be irrelevant by their next chance to do so.

3 thoughts on “Why I\’m very confused about Labour economic policy now”

  1. I dont actually agree with you here Tim (normally do). I think if Labour does not agree with a particular coalition policy then rather than just saying ‘no’, they should object by describing what they think should be done instead. This is part of the ongoing debate, and also evidence when we next go to the polls, when the country will need to decide if the coalition did the right thing or not.

  2. I’m with Thomas – we do need to know now what Labour would have done now if they were in power. That way we can all look back in 2015 and see who had the superior economic insight.
    Agree that ‘policy’ might not be the perfect word because it will probably never be implimented, but not sure that matters much.

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