Why, yes, I would!

Would you be willing to translate content on Cif?


In fact I\’d love to. Translate all that eco-wibble and the near endless misunderstandings of economics into straight English.

For example, here is Peter Melchett\’s next CiF piece:

\”Revoking the Corn Laws was a gross error, it is right that you plebs should pay more to Old Etonian landowners like myself who have had the good fortune to inherit land.\”

Jonthan Porritt\’s:

\”Yes, it is right that an Old Etonian baronet like myself should be telling you oiks that you\’ve all got to live like peasants. And stop having so damn many kids!\”

Caroline Lucas\’:

\”Let\’s approach economics through the lens of Elizabethan sonnets. I am a Doctor you know!\”

Richard Murphys\’:

\”Assimilate into the Borg of the State. You\’re a baby eating neo-liberal if you don\’t.\”

Seumas\’ (Winchester and Balliol):

\”Class War!\”

And guess what? By printing only the nub, the essence, of such pieces we\’ll be able to save lots of trees as well.

5 thoughts on “Why, yes, I would!”

  1. Beatrix Campbell:

    You’re all blind to the fact that paediatricians and social workers know far, far better than you. Some of them have OBEs you know, like me.

    PS The satanists are everywhere. Everywhere

  2. e-trees, presumably?

    Tim adds: well spotted…although haven’t you heard about the coming global shortage of electrons? They are, after all, in their usable form, created by coal fired generation plants…..

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