Yes, Mandy\’s still getting EU money

After leaving his Brussels job in Oct 2008, the Labour peer is still receiving a \”transitional allowance\” of £103,465 a year, which is funded by the taxpayer. The payment of £8,622 (€10,139) a month is set at 50 per cent of his former salary as European trade commissioner, a stipend paid at low rates of \”community tax\”.

Something I have been shouting about ever since he left Brussels.

It really does gall that while he was a Minister, while he was in the Cabinet, he was getting this huge payment. Ministers just aren\’t allowed to have such outside incomes….unless it is this payment from the EU.

And it is extremely galling to know that he wasn\’t even paying UK tax on it.

Seriously, a member of the Cabint not having to pay the same taxes he imposes on everyone else.

4 thoughts on “Yes, Mandy\’s still getting EU money”

  1. So. Many’s on a tax ‘dodge’.

    The Millibands ‘dodged’ inheritance tax.

    Nice to see the Marxists among us live according to the old saw “from each according to his means”.

  2. The Laughing Cavalier

    Are you suggesting in all seriousness that this Prince among men should be treated as if he were like ordinary folk? Remember what the late Leonora Helmsley had to say: “Taxes are for the little people”.

  3. And he is not the only one, there are many in both the HoL and the HoC. Not only do they get paid but at least in the HoL they do not have to declare an interest when EU matters are debated. A fact that does not apply to any of the other peers with out side interests. This needs to be changed, now. The pro EU Peers are singing for their supper, may they choke on it.

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