Tax Research UK has published a new briefing on secrecy jurisdictions today. This has also been endorsed by the Tax Justice Network and the Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development. It is  available here.

Groups that Ritchie started and is a member of endorse report by Ritchie.

Up next, Elizabeth Windsor endorses the hereditary monarchy.

6 thoughts on “Amaaaaazing!”

  1. “Up next, Elizabeth Windsor endorses the hereditary monarchy.” I wonder if she would. Perhaps she just believes in honouring her Coronation Oath. Who knows?

  2. You’d think a breifing on “secrecy Jurisdictions”, elaborately and counter-intuitively defined to exclude ordinary bank secrecy jurisdictions and to include only countries-we-disapprove-of, would include, with a flourish, the list – you know, who they are. But no, not here, and thel inks back to Mr Murphy’s website (doesn’t he look tired in his new photo?) don’t help.


  3. Isn’t this a reoccurring theme with Dick Murphy? He generates all these reports and then references his own work etc as evidence to support his work/ paper.

  4. Asked today about the identity of his supporters, Mr Devil said “My work is fully endorsed by independent commentators such as Mr Satan, Mr Beelzebub and Mr Mephistopheles”.

    Bears – s**t – woods.

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