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An illuminating number

Nisar Ahmed was found to lack the \”basic skills\” of anyone entering the teaching profession by a General Teaching Council (GTC) disciplinary panel which believed he was incapable of ever improving.

While 13 other teachers have received temporary suspensions from teaching for incompetence Mr Ahmed, 46, is the only one to have no time limit imposed.


There are some 440,000 teachers in the UK. This is the first one fired forever for incompetence.

You can read this one of two ways.

1) We have an extraordinarily gifted and well trained teaching profession in the UK, so much so that we\’ve only ever had to get rid of one permanently for such incompetence.

2) There is no group of any 440,000 individuals anywhere on this planet that doesn\’t have more than one incompetent in it. This is evidence that we\’re not firing enough teachers.

Me, I\’ll go with explanation number 2 please, but I agree that there will be those not officials in teachers unions who will argue that number 1 holds true.

3 thoughts on “An illuminating number”

  1. Or: there are other ways of firing them that don’t require lengthy and expensive tribunals or hearings and don’t attract any publicity.

  2. The answer has to be 1).

    Haven’t you seen all those A level and GCSE results that show an ever increasing number of As and A*s?

  3. Martin Thameside,

    The other half is a teacher and swears blind there are only three ways of sacking a teacher;
    1. Redundancy (only an option if you stop teaching a subject OR if the school switches to become an academy and all contracts get voided)
    2. Incompetency (as the article says, never happens)
    3. Caught attacking a kid (honestly no idea how often that happens)

    So in summary, there are no other ways of sacking a teacher. The NUT has done a quite excellent job of ensuring teaching is probably one of the safest jobs in the country.

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