An interesting comment

Talking about bonds, defaults and haircuts:

This is a high-risk strategy, as one banker advising an Irish bank says, \”national governments with standing armies are not people you take to court\”.

But of course if we\’re to have any semblance at all of the rule of law, and thus one of the major pillars of freedom and liberty, we must be able to take national governments to court and those standing armies must be used to enforce the court orders, not the will of the governments.

2 thoughts on “An interesting comment”

  1. Frankly, I’d prefer the standing armies to keep well clear of the justice system. Using soldiers to enforce court judgements is never a good thing and rarely the wisest course. We’re just not trained in the subtleties.

  2. I thgought the standing army argument meant that court decisions my well be resisted by armed might.
    That is the “make me” argument that a machine gun can proffer.

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