And in local news

This is just over the hill from here:

Four Britons were arrested in Portugal after a man was apparently kidnapped and tortured in the Algarve, it emerged today.

James Ross, from Wick in Caithness, disappeared after travelling to Portugal on October 5.

According to reports the 26-year-old had an ear, two fingers and three toes chopped off and was kept in a cage in a row over an unpaid debt.

Local newspaper Correio da Manha claimed Mr Ross was tortured for 13 days before escaping from his captors in the village of Boliqueime, near the town of Loule, on Monday.

He was found bleeding in the street in the nearby village of Alfontes by a local man, Carlos Pereira.

He told the newspaper that Mr Ross had \”no left ear and was missing two fingers on his left hand, one (toe) from one foot and two from the other\”.

All over a £10,000 drug debt apparently.

Worth pointing out that the decriminalisation of drugs down here refers to personal consumption only, not dealing or trafficking which is the assumption I would make about this story (how can you run up a £10k debt on drugs the moment you arrive here?).

Boliqueime\’s quite a posh place too…..

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