Any Sealed Knot etc peeps around?

David Friedman would like your views.

3 thoughts on “Any Sealed Knot etc peeps around?”

  1. I’m a member of the SK.

    Regarding the cost of banquets, if you hire a catering company it’s obviously going to cost. I assume he’s referring to Stuart Peachey’s prices in the article, and for the money you will get as close to historical accuracy as is possible from a renowned authority on the period. When my regiment holds a banquet, we get a lot closer to the SCA self-catering pricing. Same goes for the music – pay someone else, or do it ourselves for free (or beer).

    Performances can be matched to the national curriculum, but that is a result of the supplier (the SK) spotting a market opportunity (schools or local authorities willing to buy the product if it’s ‘relevant’ to them). There is no state subsidy as far as I know, beyond that which any charity can claim (the SK is an educational charity). The SK also has an ‘educational officer’ and a ‘schools liaison’ to give classroom talks. As it is an educational charity this fits the brief rather well, but it is not even a major part of the SK year. I suppose we do see ‘education’ as ‘educating the audience’ rather than the participants – learning the subject from a participant point of view tends to happen either by osmosis, or by someone getting enthusiastic about a particular subject and going off to research it (often leading to original research.)

  2. The prices I cited were from Apex–I don’t know if Stuart Peachey is associated with them or not. What they are doing is not “as close to historical accuracy as is possible.” The site doesn’t give recipes, so I can’t check them, but their “royal feast” is seven courses and real ones, as best we can tell from the menus, were three. Their feasts have “removes” between the courses–an 18th century term and, I think, invention.

    Do you know of a web site with a detailed description of Stuart Peachey’s feasts, assuming he isn’t the person doing the Apex ones?

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