Apparently this man has a Masters in economics

Aditya Chakrabortty:

In just a few minutes, he summed up what economists call the principal-agent argument: the belief that companies should be run solely to secure rewards for their shareholders – and that considerations such as workers\’ welfare, customer loyalty or doing right by business partners came way way down the agenda.

Err, no, the principal/agent problem is a discussion of how the interests of managers, the agents, can and do diverge from those of the principals, the shareholders.

Aditya writes the economic leaders for The Guardian you know. The above explains quite why they seem so odd at times, eh?

2 thoughts on “Apparently this man has a Masters in economics”

  1. What a f*ckwit.

    Whilst I disagree with Larry Elliot’s politics he is at least literate and articulate on economics. Unfortunately the rest of the Guardian’s commentariat just talk nonsense. Which I wouldn’t mind except for the influence they seem to have on gullible, naif politicians like Red Ed and ‘Barrack’ Ummuna.

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