Boosting the troops morale

Yup, this\’ll do it:

JAMES Blunt is to belt out his hits on a morale-boosting trip to Afghanistan.

The You’re Beautiful singer, 36, will travel to the war-torn country in December to cheer up the troops.

Cheer up all the troops not in Afghanistan that is.

9 thoughts on “Boosting the troops morale”

  1. Meow!

    Tim adds: Indeed….while my brother’s not one of the troops he is based out there (and has been for years) and he absolutely hates, hates, Blunt’s “music”.

  2. Tsk. I was reading a blog where someone was talking about how revealed preferences were more important than the received opinions that perpetuate, and I was thinking “how many albums did James Blunt sell?” Now if only I could remember who that wise blogger was..

    Tim adds: And here is where I reveal that I’m really a socialist at heart. Yes, of course, this is true….but only of other peoples’ opinions, not mine, which are to be righteously and justly imposed upon the population.

  3. Brilliant Newman, brilliant, perfect secret weapon.

    If the target audience is the troops, could be considered Incitement to Mutiny or Sedition?

  4. I gather this fellow is some sort of popular crooner. Whatever his failings as an artiste, if he was once a soldier and is now willing to going off to Afghanistan to perform, he must be a sounder chap than most of them.

  5. I just typed “You’re beautiful” spoof on YouTube, and got pages of results.

    Do NOT send him to entertain the suicide bombers !

    Alan Douglas

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    They played loud music to prisoners in Guantanamo. Apparently that is torture.

    Well with Blunt it would be wouldn’t it?

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