Can you say \”crowding out\”?

City Hall is set to roll out a plan to install \”homeless meters\” near spots where panhandling is grudgingly allowed.

People could deposit their coins in the repurposed parking meters — painted a different color and set back from the street — instead of giving spare change to panhandlers. The city would collect the money and give it to a nonprofit group to help the homeless.\”

3 thoughts on “Can you say \”crowding out\”?”

  1. So instead of giving our pennies to the down and outs directly, thereby allowing them to purchase meths, tea, buns or whatever the plan is that we give our cash to City Hall. Those worthies will then give every penny to the homeless without any strings attached.

    Yeah, right.

    Rest assured, if I were the type to give beggars money I’d carry on giving it to them directly.

  2. Yet again the State wishes to separate the giver from the receiver, dehumanising the process and turning charity into largesse.

    Watch how the (bread) line forms by those wanting this plus a ladle or two of gravy. Of course, those running the kitchen will never go hungry.

  3. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    a nonprofit group to help the employees of the nonprofit group to help the homeless


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