Displaying contempt towards a public servant

I really do think the Froggies have got the wrong end of the stick here.

She apparently didn\’t see the funny side of the email however, and after tracking the man down via his IP address, Lyon\’s Judicial Police raided his home and arrested him. Following 48 hours in custody, he faces a prison sentence of up to a month and a fine of up to €10,000 on charges of \”displaying contempt towards a public servant\”.

Prison and a fine for what was really rather a witty little (and entirely non-threatening) joke?

And to think that we\’re actually in a political union with a country that makes it a criminal offence to display contempt for the ghastly little tax gobblers?

Makes me all wistful for Trafalgar and Waterloo it does.

Given that we don\’t actually have a written constitution I can\’t show you the page where it\’s laid out, but I\’m absolutely certain that it\’s every Englishman\’s birthright to tell public servants, whether politicians or bureaucrats, to fuck right off. Or ask them for an \”inflation\”.

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  1. mmm…have you forgotten about the guy who got prosecuted in this country for a witless twitter joke about bombing an airport?

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