Ecological footprints

Lordy, haven\’t these people got bored yet?

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) calculated the impact of each country by measuring the amount of carbon, water and other natural resources consumed by an average person in a year.

Overall people are using 50 per cent more than the planet can provide.

Yes, it\’s that time of year again. Dr. Wackernagel\’s Ph.D thesis comes out for its annual run.

The resource which is being overused is the ability of the biosphere to recycle the carbon emissions we\’re making. That\’s pretty much it. And yes, we know about that one and we\’re working on it.

Just about everything else they wibble about is a result of the way they do their calculations: as I never tire of pointing out, they insist that nuclear power has the same carbon footprint as coal fired.

This year though we do have at least some amusement. Do read the piece by Louise Gray, \”environment correspondent\” for The Telegraph.

As an example of journalism by butchery of a press release it is superb. Should be on the syllabus for wannabe journos around the country: here is what you don\’t do.

2 thoughts on “Ecological footprints”

  1. Is the World Wildlife Fund channelling the nef or something?

    I’ll put coins in the big panda collecting boxes to save pandas…but not to provide employment opportunities for people who failed their economics exams.

  2. Louise Gray is not known as the “Queen of the Press Release” for nothing. Her “journalism” apparently comprises an ability (almost) simultaneously to receive a press release from one of a select group of greenie pressure groups and relay same to the Telegraph print room pausing only to add the words “Louise Gray – Environment Correspondent” to the release. I suspect its the poor printers who shorten the release any old how (hence the butchery to which you refer) to get it to fit on the page.

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