From the it\’s a small world department.

Erica Roe (the Twickers Streaker) was, at the time she became famous, working in a bookshop in Petersfield, where my wife was at the time living.

Now she\’s a sweet potato farmer here in the Algarve.

No, no point to this at all, just the observation that it is a small world, isn\’t it?

6 thoughts on “Erica Roe”

  1. ” it is a small world, isn’t it?”
    No, it’s just that the world is a small bourgeois conspiracy.

    (Not original, but I do enjoy it.)

  2. Your taking us back a bit there, Tim. Further evidence, if it were needed, of the, um, venerableness of bloggers and their commenters!

  3. Now I have to know where: In One Tree Books (the independent bookshop on Lavant Street) or somewhere else?

    I will ask when I am next there…

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