In any case, tidal energy is guaranteed unless the Earth stops turning; wind isn\’t.

Tidal power (well, at least most of it, the Sun has some influence) comes from the Moon going around the Earth.

It\’s actually wind (and wave, which comes from the wind) power which comes from the rotation of the Earth.

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  1. Tim, tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun but their daily rhythm is caused by the spinning of the earth. If the earth didn’t turn their cycle would be much slower and they’d be much less dynamic, so it’s true that in this context the useful thing about them is caused by the turning of the earth.

  2. I was once invited to talk to an “Energy Entrepreneur” about the scientific basis of green energy. My first job, it transpired, was to clear up his confusion between wave power and tidal power. He did seem to know a lot about the subsidies though.

  3. Tidal energy is not renewable, it is converting the stored rotational kinetic energy of the earth into electricity. The effect on rotational speed of the earth by the Rance tidal barrage in France is measurable, but very very small.

  4. Everyone is correct, just to add that wind is caused by temperature (and humidity) differentials, so requires sunshine as well as earth rotation.

  5. CIngram is right. If we relied on the moon going round the earth, there would only be two tides every 28 days.

    The fact that there are two every day is due to the rotation of the Earth.

  6. OK, so we are agreed.

    As long as the sun doesn’t go out, the moon doesn’t get knocked out of orbit and the Earth doesn’t stop spinning, then we will have tides, waves and winds.

    Hmm, what about geothermal…

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