Excellent news!

Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, is expected to announce plans within days to dispose of about half of the 748,000 hectares of woodland overseen by the Forestry Commission by 2020.

But only one and a half cheers.

Why not sell the other half too?

7 thoughts on “Excellent news!”

  1. You know the forests are there to ensure we have enough pit props for the mines in case we are blockaded again, privatising them will imperil the country!

    (Sorry, I gather it has now been updated.)

    You know the forests are there to ensure we have enough carbon capture, privatising them will imperil the world!

    (I think that it might be being updated again)

    You know the forests are there to ensure we have enough biodiversity, privatising them will imperil the planet!

  2. This is like Gordon selling the gold reserves. Announcing it in advance was dumb as it will affect the price that is realised.

  3. From the article: “We would be quite relaxed about the idea of some sales, but would be unrelaxed if the wrong bits were up for sale like the New Forest, Forest of Dean or Sherwood Forest, which are incredibly valuable for wildlife and shouldn’t be sold off.”

    ‘The wrong bits’?

    Sell off the lot and if charitable/non-profit/conservation/tourist or otherwise organisations want to raise the money to buy them then they can.

    What might this do to timber prices? Are they trying to remove productive plantation land from the market? A few of the plots I have seen for sale are former softwood plantations carved up into plots with a condition that you can only fill any gaps in the forest by planting native species.

  4. You never know when we might have to refight trenches of the First World War. We need those trees for a return the early 20th century warfare!

  5. Only you. Tim, could rejoice at the demolition of what is left of our natural heritage.

    You may dream of a Britain paved over with parking lots, but many of us think that British wildlife – and it’s historic countryside – is worth protecting.

    Tim adds: Excellent. You might note that much of that wildlife and historic countryside is just about to be put up for sale. Put your hand in your pocket and go and buy it: don’t use the government and tax to pick mine to pay for it.

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