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From the bureaucracy for the bureaucracy

It\’s a commonplace that the motivating reason of most bureaucracies is the survival of the bureaucracy. Any effect on the outside world is entirely incidental.

The Soil Association, the leading organic certification body, for instance, charges about £650 a year to a food company,………

Many charge a royalty fee on each item sold as well as, or instead of, an annual fee. This involves the food producers having to pay a small cut of the sale price.

These include a fee of 0.03 per cent levied by the Soil Association,……..All of the bodies that charge a fee said it went back into the administration of the voluntary schemes,……..

To be honest, I have rather more respect for the Old Etonian landowners of old than I do of the present.

At least Lord Melchett\’s predecessors dug into their own pockets to pay their acolytes.

2 thoughts on “From the bureaucracy for the bureaucracy”

  1. At least Lord Melchett’s predecessors dug into their own pockets to pay their acolytes.

    Somehow I doubt that. Melchie was just as much a self-centred b’stard as every other robber baron. That being said, at least they didn’t sanctimoniously tell their victims that the shafting they were getting was for their own good.

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