Good lord, I\’ve come over all faint.

The New York Times actually has a decent column in it.

Why would Democrats support a program that has such a deleterious effect on their most loyal constituencies? It is, in part, callous political calculus. It’s an easy and relatively cheap way for them to buy a tough-on-crime badge while simultaneously pleasing police unions. The fact that they are ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of black and Hispanic men and, by extension, the communities they belong to barely seems to register.

This is outrageous and immoral and the Democrat’s complicity is unconscionable, particularly for a party that likes to promote its social justice bona fides.

No one knows all the repercussions of legalizing marijuana, but it is clear that criminalizing it has made it a life-ruining racial weapon.

3 thoughts on “Good lord, I\’ve come over all faint.”

  1. Most crime–petty street crime, muggings, rapes, burglaries, holdups, murders–are committed at far higher rates by blacks than by whites (at least 7 X, if not higher). It’s a good question as to whether possession should be a crime at all but the answer to that question shouldn’t revolve around whether there’s a disparate impact on a particular racial group but rather on whether the behavior in question injures society in some way.
    If police forces are racist in their enforcement of law, they’ll simply find another law to use as a tool with which to harrass those whom they wish.

    For quite some time, stories about the bad old days emphasized the lynchings of blacks that took place for many years in the South. Almost never mentioned is the fact that, during that same period (from about 1865 to 1925), many whites were lynched in the very same places. If one were to adjust the figures for the relatively stable ratio of B/W crime rates, the appearance of lynching as a “racial” crime would mostly vanish (not entirely, though–blacks were frequently much more horribly tortured or mutilated both before and after such summary executions). Also almost never mentioned is that white juries convicted and hung whites who’d lynched innocent blacks and, similarly, freed who’d been arrested and brought to trial for lynching guilty white men.

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