Gosh, this is a surprise!

Urban areas will bear the brunt of the spending cuts announced this week with every major English city facing a triple whammy of the biggest job losses, council cuts and benefit withdrawals, a Guardian analysis of the impact of the key decisions reveals.

Local authorities with dense populations face the deepest cuts, according to a breakdown of the measures by George Osborne to slash council spending, reduce child benefit and cut the educational maintenance allowance. The predicted 490,000 job losses in the public sector will fall most heavily on cities.

The analysis also suggests that not only will the rural-urban divide widen, but that the worst hit areas are also largely Labour strongholds, with wealthier rural – and traditionally Tory constituencies – suffering relatively little.

Over the decade and a bit of Labour Party rule money was siphoned off from those rich areas (rural areas, the SE etc) and paid out to the Labour voting areas (inner cities, the North etc).

We have a change of government and a change in the \”I\’ll tax your voters to feed my voters\” redistribution.

Funny that, innit? And ever so surprising?

2 thoughts on “Gosh, this is a surprise!”

  1. I’m disappointed that the coalition is engaging in all this fairness nonsense. They are taking the debate to Labour’s ground and setting themselves up to take some direct hits.

    They should be saying, “No its not fair, life’s not fair. Labour fucked up the economy and we have to sort it out.”

  2. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    “I’ll tax your voters to feed my voters”

    Not quite. The current policy is to tax Tory voters slightly more and give Labour voters slightly more, but not as much more as they had hoped.

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