Grr, grr

In talking about evolution:

The leopard\’s spots, which are actually rosette shaped, are so cleverly designed that they provide camouflage even when the cat is moving.

We do not say that something \”is designed\”. We can say that \”the design is such that\” but \”is designed\” implies that someone did the designing, which nullifies the whole point of talking about evolution which is that there is no designer, just random mutation and then survival or not of said mutations.

Trival, yes, but still grr.

6 thoughts on “Grr, grr”

  1. Designed as by an invisible hand, eh?

    Tim adds: Quite, the invisible watchmaker being exactly the model that we disprove by thinking correctly about evolution.

  2. I think it’s more a case of sloppy writing than actual intent, though.

    Me, I’m just glad all the news outlets writing this up managed to pull a pic of a leopard out of their databanks correctly! Instead of a pic of a cheetah. Or a walrus…

  3. the model that we disprove by thinking correctly about evolution.

    Pot, kettle? We can’t disprove that model. The best you can hope for is that a different model explains all available data in a simpler fashion. Whether it is, in fact, a simpler model is a matter of some philosophical debate.

  4. Evolution is a valid design method. Look at your mobile phone;it’s a designed object, yet it has evolved by natural selection bybthe Market.

    Don’t sweat it.

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