How absolutely glorious!

Via, this.

So, given that tungsten bulbs give off more heat than light, redefine them as \”heatballs\” and beat the EU ban.

Now then, we know people who can build websites, shipping logistics I\’ve done before, I know how to source light bulbs (err, yes, I do work in the lighting industry, partly at least) and wouldn\’t it just be the most glorious fun to epater les bureaucraties*?

And it certainly wouldn\’t be difficult to get some newspaper coverage…..

So, who\’s in?

* Umm, someone correct the Froggie there please?

11 thoughts on “How absolutely glorious!”

  1. Hear, hear.

    Argued this one myself. Given the generally below comfortable temperature of the UK, the ‘inefficiency’ of incandescent light bulbs is irrelevent as the heat generated is helping to keep the room warm.

  2. Sounds like fun, what are you asking for?

    Tim adds: Dunno really, not quite sure yet. It was just my immediate thought this morning on seeing the story.

    I guess first we need a bit of market intelligence.

    1) What were tungsten bulbs costing before the ban?

    Then I need to find out how much a Chinese company is likely to charge in bulk with our own packaging.

    Only when we’ev got some idea of the difference between those two numbers can we go any further.

    I’m not hugely convinced that “money” is really a requirement. Time and effort may be.

    Hmmm….well, that was quick. Seems that light bulb prices are of the order of 0.06 $ to 0.10 $ in quantity FOB China. With shipping costs of perhaps $2,000 (roughly right) for a container that would make the cost of getting a container load in (80,000 to 100,000 pieces I would guess, running on vague guesstimates of volume) in the $7,000 to $10,000 range, maybe $12,000.

    Seems that 60W bulbs sell for a little over a £1 each on ebay.

    So, err, yes, it does seem that there’s some margin in that (not as much as it seems though, VAT and all that).

    Hmm, so, next thing is getting a robust and solid ecommerce site done. OK, I know who can do that. And the final part of the puzzle is the logistics of fulfillment. Which, at this stage, really means the corner of someone’s warehouse/barn and a van to take stuff down the post office. Labour, to begin with, would be sweat equity.

  3. ‘to’ epater is redundant since it’s an infinitive to start with but a handy pour carries the expression of intent you want, and le mot juste for which you search is, I believe, fonctionnaire.

    Thus: pour epater les fonctionnaires.

  4. Got the servers, the e-commerce software and some spare domains(although a targeted domain would be better), so you can have a site anytime you want.

    I suspect the righteous will undergo an instant sense of humour failure though?

    Tim adds: Yes, I suspect so, but that is of course part of the fun….I think we’d get pretty good advertising just from the blogs. And if the newspapers get wind of it…..well, we might find that the 30 day delivery time from China becomes one of our problems.

    So, warehouse/barn space and a van is what we’re left looking for….

  5. $2000 for a 20ft container? I think you should be able to get it for much less.

    Ok, can I be in if I arrange a cheaper container shipment for you?

    p.s. my sis uses the heat from her halogen downlighters to heat her kitchen and I have long been of the view that incandescents are far less wasteful in chilly UK than they are made out to be.

    Tim adds: Has to be said, we like people who use a lot of halogens. For in our day job we provide nearly all of the magic pixie dust, scandium, which makes those halogens work.

  6. BTW I bought 8 bulbs in a pound shop a month or so ago.

    A couple were…pearl 100w. CONTRABAND!

    The lifetime was 1000h, so this should be borne in mind for cost/margin purposes.

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