How hugely amusing

The EU, commenting upon imports of various fuels (via):

\”At a European level, we export annually an estimated 350 billion euros of the EU\’s wealth, mainly to countries rich in oil and natural gas,\” it says.

Have you ever seen such blitheringly mercantilist idiocy in your life?

We buy oil, gas and uranium from other people because we value that oil, gas and uranium more than the other things we could buy with the same money.

We are therefore sending 350 billion euros out to get something we value more than 350 billion euros: we are importing wealth, not exporting it.

That the continent is ruled by such economic lamebrains (hey, they\’re only 230 years out of date!) might have something to do with why we\’re all fucked, might it not?

4 thoughts on “How hugely amusing”

  1. No doubt the solution is to use much more expensive renewables.

    Its like valuing the suit you stitched your self as worth more than a Saville Row one, because you didn’t need to “export your wages”.

  2. I think you would get funny looks from your wife/husband/partner if you told them that not to worry about your spending £1,000 on a Savile Row suit because you had in fact increased your household wealth.

  3. It’s not the least amusing when you consider

    1) the power these cretins wield
    2) the impossibility of replacing them

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