How interesting

As if this is not enough, many of the public sector workers released will not have the skills the private sector businesses will need. Many will not have the attitude required for jobs in the cold outside world.

And in The Guardian as well.

Might we hope that the Great Cull does in fact engender that attitude required among those unculled?

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  1. So the thrust of the article is not only does the public sector support public sector jobs but it also feeds the private sector and thus cuts are a bad thing.

    Only in the Guardian would they miss the essential point: we’ve got a hugely fake economy in which all sectors are dependent on public spending. We deserve to be in the mess we’re in, the UK economy is built on bullshit. The only people bringing any foreign exchange in were the bankers.

    What a tinpot country we are.

  2. It happened in NZ in the 1990s, it just took a few years for it to work.
    The advantage is that you save money, typically someone’s working costs are a lot higher than their wages.
    And some of these laid-off people will start their own businesses.

  3. Doing/selling what, exactly?

    Beats me. I don’t even know what people are doing in today’s economy. I once went on a field trip that turned out to be about the seed production business (growing seeds for farmers to plant), lots of business in that alone, and not something I’d ever thought about before.

  4. juliaM – you’d be surprised what people get up to on ebay. I heard today of a guy who buys in resin shells from Poland, makes them into model tanks and trains and sells them round the world.

  5. @JuliaM HTF should anyone know? Just before they were announced, if I had responded ‘iPods, wireless laptops, XK8s, Magners cider I’m guessing), acrylic stand alone baths, 3G phones etc etc’ you’d just have wondered what I meant.

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