How very amusing indeed

So, the bloke got his end away, pissed off the wife, the mistress got pregnant….and now, years later, he finds out the kiddy\’s not his.

A married TV star who won a court order to hush up an affair has discovered the ‘love child’ he thought he had fathered is not his after all.

The man, a journalist and household name, learnt the startling truth following a DNA test, it was reported yesterday.

The dramatic twist comes after he spent years trying to keep details of his affair and the child a secret.

In 2008 the man was granted a draconian injunction after convincing a High Court judge that the public should not be allowed to learn of his infidelity.

At the time, he believed the child was the result of his relationship with his mistress.
After learning of her pregnancy, he confessed the affair to his wife, and agreed to make regular payments towards the child’s upbringing.

Under the terms of the injunction, neither the cheating man, nor his mistress – a successful writer – nor the child can be named.

Yesterday, after the surprise DNA news was reported, speculation grew over the identity of the child’s real father.

One name in the frame is a former Labour minister said to have forged a close working relationship with the writer.

Blimey, what\’s the world coming to when you cannot trust your mistress not to put it about?

In entirely unrelated news Andrew Marr has been dissing bloggers:

It was revealed in The Independent on 28 June 2008 by Richard Ingrams, that Marr has gained a high court injunction preventing disclosure in the press of \”private information\”. Unusually, permission had also been granted for the existence of the injunction not to be mentioned, and it was indeed not mentioned until Private Eye commented on it.[19]

Alice Miles is at The Times, and David Blunkett (?) is still retired.

14 thoughts on “How very amusing indeed”

  1. Blimey, what’s the world coming to when you cannot trust your mistress not to put it about?

    It’s like a bank robber turning to his parter and saying, “Now you stick ’em up!”” – Jerry Seinfeld

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    What a tool! It is a sad old world where the utter bastards get away with everything and the one bloke who tries to do the right thing ends up *both* paying out for someone else’s tyke and then looking a right fool.

    Still it is good to see Tim Yeo is putting his mistress’s sprog on the public payroll as a Special Advisor or some such. Hope he asked for a DNA test.

  3. Roule: that would be a fun case to see come to court, for sure. But I expect it would require the father to admit his identity, and clearly Mr Marr the anonymous individual is unwilling to do that.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Roue le Jour – “A straightforward case of obtaining money by deception, then?”

    I doubt it. This is one area where the Courts really screw men over. Men always lose. The mother is always given the benefit of the doubt. Some men have tried. I liked this one myself:

    He paid out about half a million quid. Married the woman too.

    Miss Meer, …, allegedly told the director that ‘a price tag was attached’ if he wanted to play any part in the girl’s life.
    Miss Meer allegedly brushed off his concerns, telling him in a telephone call last September: ‘If you’re not Sasha’s father, it must be immaculate conception.’ A DNA test taken later that month revealed that it was virtually impossible for Mr Douglas to have been the father.

  5. So just to be clear here (and bollocks to the prissiness of ‘a man’ and ‘his mistress’ etc.) we’re talking about Jug-ears Marr and Alice Miles, right?
    And Jug-ears’ wife is Jackie Ashley?

    OK, glad we got that sorted.

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