I am shocked! Shocked!

Teacher of humanities is against cuts in subsidies to teachers of humanities.

No, I really didn\’t see that one coming.

4 thoughts on “I am shocked! Shocked!”

  1. I am entirely sympathetic to the teaching of Arts and Humanities in the Universities. More so than many of those who teach tosh under the false flag of Arts and Humanities, I suspect.

  2. Only the rich, it seems, are entitled not to be of economic use.

    Seems like a good working definition of Rich, to me.

    For all the ranting against utilitarian subjects like Law, she spends a lot of the article explaining the utility of Arts studies to many UK industries. In which case those industries will ensure the Arts courses continue.

  3. But the Guardian don’t solicit articles from people who actually create wealth.

    So if they are going to have an article written about how we need to give more money to pat for parasites, & you know they are, then it will have to be written by a parasite.

  4. Why, indeed, should society subsidise the study of … the films of Ousmane Sembène?

    Surely, if they are significant enough, the study of them should provide its own reward – financial or emotional?

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