Immigrants raise native wages

Or at least, it\’s possible that they do.

5 thoughts on “Immigrants raise native wages”

  1. Interesting. Of course I think it assumes that low paid immigrants do not get subsidises from the tax payer, which raises taxes, which reduces economic growth.
    I.e. it is not talking about the UK.

  2. G Orwell – whether subsidies paid to low-income workers reduces economic growth from immigration depends on whether the average immigrant produces more additional value than the additional cost of the subsidises.

    Hexe Froschbein – new immigrants raise the demand for labour generally, as well as the supply, in other words, every pair of hands comes with a mouth (and a mind).

    Martin – the total population of the UK rose from about 8 million at the start of the Industrial Revoution to 60 million now, so in other words the number of workers has increased drastically. Wages have gone up. This is in serious conflict with the idea that increasing numbers of people results in lower wages. Or, when you say “crap”, do you mean “Reaches conclusions I don’t like”?

  3. Tracy: yes. Among unthinking morons on both the right and left, “crap” is used as a synonym for “data which shows conclusions I don’t like”. This is an excellent example of the former.

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