In which we answer idiot Guardian questions of the day

Step forward Hadley Freeman:

Now, I ask you, if a man can\’t even keep his own homophobic principles straight, can you trust him at all? If he\’s not even good at homophobia, which has pretty much only one rule to remember, can he really sort out New York\’s public transportation? The education system? The traffic on Second Avenue?

Well, confusion in one area of life does not mean confusion in all: The Pope would be, in certain circles, regarded as very confused indeed over the existence or not of God yet be regarded, by those very same people, as entirely sound upon evolution. Mr. Obama as distressingly obtuse upon certain civil liberties issues while absolutely just fine on health care reform.

However, rather more to the point, is that Mr. Paladino is running for the position of Governor of New York State. A position which does not require him to deal with public transportation, education or the traffic on Second Avenue.

Those are all the responsibilities, in New York City, of Michael Bloomberg, who is Mayor of New York City, and in other areas of the State, of his equivalents.

Please, if you\’re going to try and write about US politics at least take the time to try to understand US politics.

2 thoughts on “In which we answer idiot Guardian questions of the day”

  1. Mind you, you could probably give the same advice to American voters. And don’t suppose that its thrust need be restricted to the US.

  2. Is n’t Hadley Freeman an American? Probably has the most wit (in both senses of the word) of all the charmingly malicious,vastly entertaining
    female writers on the Guardian.I would n’t pick a quarrel with her.

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