Average men in full-time employment work 39 hours per week and earn £28,270 a year……..On average, women with full-time jobs work 34 hours a week and earn a £22,151 salary.

You wouldn\’t be far wrong to conclude that there\’s a connection between the earnings and the hours. Indeed, one of the explanations of that pesky gender pay gap is that deciding to go for the flexibility and ease of shorter hours leads to not just lower gross pay but lower pay per hour.

As Adam Smith pointed out (yes, this point really is that old) the total compensation for different jobs will be equal…taking into account filth, danger, skill requirements, etc, etc, etc. You get some of your pay in one area (less danger for example) and you\’ll get less pay in other areas (which is why trawlermen get higher wages than the skill level would seem to require). Get what are, to you, better hours and cash pay will be lower.


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