Laurie Penny\’s grossly overblown rhetoric

Yes, you know, these cuts, the very day they\’re announced there\’s a massive surge in attmepted suicide.

No, really:

It\’s 2am, and I\’m sitting under a strip light in the emergency unit of my local hospital, waiting for the doctors to finish attending to a young friend of mine who attempted to end her life tonight. When the paramedics arrived, they told us she wasn\’t the first – for many Londoners, it seems, something about the news or the weather today gave the impression that a crisis point has been reached.


Deliberate self-harm (a useful analogy to, although not quite synonym for, attempted suicide) runs at some 350 per 100,000.

There\’s ten million ish people in London. So 35,000 such \”attempted suicides\” a year.

95 a day, each and every day.

You don\’t think that Laurie could have been using that overblown, highfalutin\’ rhetoric stuff there do you?

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  1. There might have been a surge in attmepted suicides for all we know.
    A surge in attempted ones seems much less likely.

  2. …a useful analogy to, although not quite synonym for, attempted suicide…

    Is it?

    Deliberate self-harm (DSH) is defined as intentional self-injury or self-poisoning, irrespective of type of motivation or degree of suicidal intent…Self-injury is defined as any injury that has been deliberately self-inflicted (e.g. self-cutting, jumping from a height).

    I’d guess that the amount of people who self-cut is much higher than those who attempt suicide. Only got anecdotal evidence, mind, but I do have a lot of it…

  3. Dunno TW: perhaps it was the news (or weather) today that led to this distressing state of affairs. Or maybe it is because the young woman concerned is a friend of the writer the New Statesman trumpets as providing “Pop culture and radical politics with a feminist twist”. I know which would make me try to slit my wrists. But this is purely a personal view.

  4. I seem to have developed a nasty cold today. I blame Osborne’s cuts – 19% ain’t enough, he should have gone for the full Darling 20%.

  5. From Penny’s comments:

    Mr. Divine
    21 October 2010 at 11:59

    The first solution should be to try promote small communes and cooperatives. Military land can be used to make housing communes with say 15 houses and a community building. Two caretaker gardeners and their wives can sort out vegetable and animal care as well as some simple administrative duties. The 15 households should try to combine their skills to make living cheaper and bring in community funds. The new houses should be constructed with German standards in tow i.e. fully environmental sound, solar invertors etc. Staff can be obtained by farmers from the Indian subcontinent. Their wives must also be good cooks and be prepared to make mass foods in big pots. These communities must be properly linked to other communities with state of the art bicycle paths.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Has no one ever come across Ms Penny before? She is the sort of person who thinks calling a girl a silly cow is the equivalent of rape.

    She has used up most of her fifteen minutes.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Potarto, you did not post his entire post. He continues with:

    “Solution Two: ”

    No I am not making that up.

  8. Clearly Ms Penny’s friend doesn’t read her website. There’s more than enough there to make anyone roar with laughter.

  9. another comment:

    … Nobody, and I repeat, NOBODY has a right to have a million pounds in the bank, or to be earning above about £50k a year. If you are making £55k a year, or have £1.2 million in the bank (or in “bricks and mortar”), then you have too much money, money that isn’t making you happy, money that isn’t being productive – and you could spend it saving the poor from starvation or disease or from inadequate heating in the depths of winter. Indeed, saving the poor from despair and suicide. Effectively anybody earning over £50k is a mass-murderer: they are happily playing a role in a system that is mass-murdering, and unless they are giving their “surplus” all to the poor and needy, they are just playing along with it. …

    Poe’s Law seems apposite.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    ukliberty – “another comment: …. Effectively anybody earning over £50k is a mass-murderer:

    I feel like posting a reply pointing out that while giving a man a fish feeds him for a day, buying the things he makes feeds his entire village for life and, given that people earning over fifty thousand buy more products, it follows that anyone not earning at least that are effectively mass murderers.

    How long do you think it would last?

    But I don’t think enough City Boys are given enough credit for supporting the economies of the Andean region.

  11. f you are making £55k a year, or have £1.2 million in the bank (or in “bricks and mortar”), then you have too much money, money that isn’t making you happy, money that isn’t being productive

    Okay, let me see:
    If you have £1.2 million in the bank, I’m confident that the bank is lending this out to other people.

    If you have £1.2 million tied up in “bricks and mortar” then whomever you bought this house from has £1.2 million – x not tied up in “bricks and mortar”, and whomever got the x (real estate agents, taxman, whatever) has x not tied up in bricks and mortar. You can’t buy housing without someone having sold housing (there are numerous ways to acquire housing without buying it, but then you don’t have your money tied up in it because you didn’t buy it).

    The other oddity here is that this is all about people earning over £50,000. But how about someone who could earn over £50,000 but prefers to consume leisure. Aren’t they being even more of a mass murderer?

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