Light bulbs in England

So long since I lived in the country:

Are they bayonet or screw?

Is there some code which tells us the base size?

Hmm, looking at a couple of sites, seems that it\’s either the B 22/Bc (bayonet) or the E27 (edison screw).

Sound about right to you for the basic, standard, tungsten filament bulb?

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  1. Only problem with bayonets is that they occasionally lock in so tightly (particularly if they’ve overheated or haven’t been touched for many years) that the metal bit breaks off from the glass bulb when you try to remove them. Haven’t come across an instance yet when a screw fitment has jammed in, although doubtless it occasionally happens.

  2. With the influx of cheap fittings from the far east, and ikea, all varieties are in use. The light bulb aisle in B&Q is bewildering. And never has the one fitting you need.
    Having got pissed off with compact fluorescents and unable to get normal filament bulbs I have discovered halogens package in standard globes, they work great.

  3. BC/B22 GLS bayonet cap general light service
    BC/B22 GB bayonet cap golf ball
    BC/B22 CNDL bayonet cap candle

    SBC/B15 GB small bayonet cap golf ball
    SBC/B15 CNDL small bayonet cap candle

    ES/E27 GLS Edison screw general light service
    ES/E27 GB Edison screw golf ball

    SES/E14 GB small Edison screw golf ball
    SES/E14 CNDL small Edison screw candle

  4. Haven’t come across an instance yet when a screw fitment has jammed in, although doubtless it occasionally happens.

    Happens all the time in Russia. When you come to unscrew the cheap Chinese lightbulb from the light, one of the following can happen:

    1. Glass bit comes off, leaving metal bit behind.
    2. Light fiixture comes to pieces in mid-air because you’ve somehow been unscrewing it.
    3. Light fixture comes down on your head bringing half the ceiling with it.

  5. Normal ‘wire hanging down from the ceiling’ ones are bayonet fitting.

    Other ones (wall lights or fancy ceiling fittings) can be bayonet, fat screw or thin screw. And the bulbs can be various shapes depending on what you need to go in the fitting – mainly normal, golf ball or ‘candle’ (tall & thin). Any possible combination of fitting and bulb shape.

    And that’s all standard voltage; once you get into low voltage there are all sorts.

  6. But if you show someone a BC22 against anything else, they’ll tell you the Bc22 is “standard”.

    Just to avoid the confusion above.

  7. Derek, Tim:

    Happens in the US too. Every now any then I get a dud lightbulb where the glass bit comes off in your hand, leaving the metal behind. It usually happens with the candle-style bulbs with the thin screw connectors.

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