News Corporation and Sky

Prompted by this, another in our series of idiot questions.

Umm, isn\’t the point of the system that those who are making the best profits, those profits reflecting their delivery of the most value with the least use of inputs, expand, while those losing money, reflecting their production of less value with greater use of inputs, should contract?

2 thoughts on “News Corporation and Sky”

  1. I fort Sky and News Corp was all that Murdoch bloke anyway.

    OK, so I didn’t keep up seriatim with all the mergers and divestments, but still, who really gives a shit? I fear ole Rupe a lot less than I fear the people who fear him.

    And no, I’m not completely daft

  2. “I fear ole Rupe a lot less than I fear the people who fear him.”


    “And no, I’m not completely daft” –

    Well, we might disagree on that.

    CityUnSlicker proceeds from the wrong assumption. As a company incorporated by Royal Charter, the BBC is not, or should not be, for profit. Therefore any discussion of how much it might cost against how much profit Sky makes is an intellectual redundancy.

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