No, the greenies are right. Wealth does destroy the environment.

Well, obviously.

BRITAIN is going greener as tree cover has reached its highest level for 250 years.

A new UN report calculates the amount of woodland in the UK is now 11,200 square miles, covering 11.8 per cent of the country.

So much new forest is being planted that some areas could reach the 15 per cent of woodland recorded in England by the 1086 Domesday Book.

Stands to reason, doesn\’t it? In order to gain wealth peeps have to destroy the natural environment.

No, look, look, we can prove it!

Surrey is the greenest county with 23 per cent covered in trees.


There are many affluent counties in England but Surrey has the distinction of the being the richest county in England.

There you go, can\’t argue with the facts now can you?

Of course the mad scramble for wealth, the endless consumerism, means destroying Gaia. Stands to reason, dunnit?

5 thoughts on “No, the greenies are right. Wealth does destroy the environment.”

  1. Greenies would just argue that we’ve exported destruction to China or India or somewhere. There’s no winning an argument with these people. Haven’t you learned that yet?

  2. Do they distinguish planted “forest” from the land that just reverts to woodland when you stop grazing it?

  3. Papers confuse England and Britain shock!

    I’d like to see the figures without Scotland and Wales, I bet England is nowhere near 1086 levels.

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