Not quite unprecedented Polly

Rent was always the glitch in the benefit system, and Beveridge never found a logical answer. Well, here at last is a final solution he never considered: put all poor people in distant dumping grounds where nobody wants to live because there is no work, then call them workless scroungers, lacking in aspiration for the children they have taken out of class to throw together in schools where nobody\’s parents work.

Never heard of New Towns Polly?

6 thoughts on “Not quite unprecedented Polly”

  1. “put all poor people in distant dumping grounds where nobody wants to live because there is no work”

    Since the people being “dumped” don’t work, there won’t be a problem then, will there?

  2. Given the pupil premium wouldn’t that mean these alleged schools where none of the parents work (let noone accuse her of tabloid exaggeration) were hugely well-funded?

    Might be better to send your kids there.

  3. Does Polly not see that we have been paying for the very opposite of her exaggeration? That is to say, paying people so much they have no need to work in places where there are jobs and where living costs are high. It was and is madness.

    Polly lets slip the entire mindset of her chattering class: “Those in new jobs will only be able to find homes in districts that are cheap because there is no work. Children will be taken out of their schools, however close to exams they may be. Who will do the cleaning, caring and catering in expensive places once low earners are cleared away?”

    Welfare as a means to subsidise your cleaners and nannies! Wasn’t that the same justification for flinging open the doors to millions of immigrants? We ain’t paying for your luxuries any more Polly.

    The Government has been reasonably honest about this – they want to make work pay. Polly seems to think it will be studiously productive people being sent off to workless hellholes. No dear, it’s aimed at the thousands of people *who already don’t work and have no incentive to because they would see a drop in income*. So the State is dropping their income for them to the point where work will pay.

  4. Such areas will be attractive to businesses looking for slave wage labour too. The chattering classes won’t like that, ignoring the fact that there is a minimum wage and that rather than taking benefits they would be employed which is better for everyone.

  5. That article, and the reaction of many of the Left in the comments, is the very definition of a ‘moral panic’ they so often accuse the Right of. Final Solution, ethic cleansing…deranged.

    So some poor people will have to move from Kensington, Hampstead etc to places 5 miles out and get the bus for £1.20. This is a ‘final solution’ and herding them into death camps

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