Not to be played with

The Guardian\’s got a \”cut your own budget\” gadget that you can play with.

Quite dangerous really, but the time I\’d had a go the budget seemed to be about 3 pence and I was going to raise that by charging any MP who wanted to propose a law a fee for the privilege of doing so*.

*Sadly, their gadget doesn\’t actually allow you to be this radical.

7 thoughts on “Not to be played with”

  1. Typical Grauniad approach though… All the “selectable programs” were basically “front-line services”. No options to clear out the non-jobs and layers of useless box-tickers. I still saved 220 billion though! 🙂

  2. I managed to get the spending down by about 200 billion, but where was the “Cut budget by 100%” button? The only chance I saw to abolish a department entirely was to cull the NHS. What about the dross at the Scottish Office, or the Department of Comics, Finger Painting and Rounders?

  3. I started with a pretty wet approach and got £130bn.

    Anyway, with all this devolution thing, surely making Wales, Scotland and NI raise their “devolved funding” locally would give you £59bn straight off.

    BTW, the sun’s shining in Kent this morning.

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