Oooh, ooooh, ooooh

Couldn\’t happen to a nicer man:

In a statement, the Standards and Privileges Committee said: \”At its meeting on 12 October, the Committee agreed that the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards should report to the Metropolitan Police Service the conduct of the Rt hon Member for Rotherham, Mr Denis MacShane. In accordance with procedures agreed in 2008 between the Committee on Standards and Privileges, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and the Metropolitan Police, the Commissioner\’s inquiry into a complaint against Mr MacShane will be suspended until the question of possible criminal proceedings has been resolved.\”

The \”right\” refers to his being a Privy Councillor, the \”hon\” to his being an MP.

Be interesting to see how long both of those last. As Guido is reporting (or at least has, although I can\’t find it now), he\’s already had the Labour Whip withdrawn.

6 thoughts on “Oooh, ooooh, ooooh”

  1. The blame, again, falls mainly on MacShane.

    He also claimed for eight laptop computers in three years.

    Six of those were worn out through his incessant tweeting…

  2. Tim,

    Given MacShane’s comparison of Gary McKinnon’s situation with that of Ernest Saunders, I hope McKinnon’s lawyers are smiling.

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