Ooooh, my

Tin is at a record high, reaching $26,780 a tonne on Friday –

Hadn\’t realised it had bounced that far.

Cornwall\’s tin mines are profitable again…..In fact, there might even be profit in nipping out with a wheelbarrow and building a little bloom furnace up on the moors.

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  1. Ah this story comes around every time the tin price peaks. All my Cambourne chums get misty eyed and start talking about Wheal Jane and Crofty in their fake Cornish accents. Sady the chances of either opening again are about as slim as an anorexic teenaged super model. There’s a reason the Cornish tin mines closed – they are old, deep and cursed with infrastructure designed in the age of Newcomen. But for those less convinced, here are a few more reasoned arguments as to why I doubt Cornish tin is unlikely to make a comeback any time soon.

    As the article notes, you might be getting more dollars for your pound of tin, but those dollars are likely to be worth less than before thanks to the politicians and quantitive easing.

    Secondly, as the article also notes, the problem is under investment in replacement capacity. Now that may benefit Cornwall in the short term, but Crofty and Wheal Jane are old, underground mines. that haven’t seen a penny in real investment in years.

    Places like Indonesia are virgin territory where new mines, especially surface mines, will be quick to establish (well, quick in mining terms) and able to take advantage of the latest technology.

    Cornwall might see a resurgance. But my guess is that just as quickly it will see a collapse as newer mines come on stream overseas.

  2. When I last checked (some years ago) the stannary laws on Dartmoor were still workable.

    That gives tinners (anybody earning most of their income from tinning) some very attractive rights – including not being subject to the normal laws of the land (including taxes).

    Also allowed to dig up any land in search of tin… as in your back garden (or maybe not… in return for a little consideration?).

    Bugger is, making a living as a tinner. Not fun.

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