Oooooh, I dunno

The result will be devastating for Norfolk as a whole and a tragedy for the particular people involved. But worse – when many of those who will be unemployed as a result of these changes will themselves be claiming benefit in future when they could be providing invaluable services – this is an unnecessary disaster.

And what we have to do is work out how the money can be found – as it must be found –

People with home offices in Norfolk could pay business rates on their home offices in Norfolk perhaps?

16 thoughts on “Oooooh, I dunno”

  1. >> People with home offices in Norfolk could pay business rates on their home offices in Norfolk perhaps?


  2. It does boil my piss this kind of stuff – if you’re made redundant that is it for you, life over, you are fucked, might as well take to the rope, there IS NO HOPE.

    I find this apparent lack of national backbone, gumption and balls quite distressing (till I remember it’s all shit and actually there’s plenty of it left, it’s just that 3/4 of the media and 10/10ths of the poverty industry can’t or won’t look for it.

  3. I noticed a lot of typos in his piece. I can imagine a rage-filled keyboard bashing session. With flecks of spittle flying.

  4. Judging my his antics in the video linked to by Noel the man is a complete and utter nutter. Sitting alone in his play room filming himself with the webcam in his laptop, pretending to address a large crowd, snigger.

  5. Haha. I’m not a large crowd. I could do with losing some weight to be sure. What I should have written then was “pretending to address a large crowd gathered in his play room”. I fast forwarded a lot of it too because his melodramatic delivery was frankly quite disturbing.

  6. Dear God, I’ve just watched that video. What a fucking tit.

    Who is he talking to? Are there 25,000 people just the other side of the camera? Does he think he’s Big Brother?

  7. Got it! He’s actually Spode, from the Jeeves and Wooster series, practising his speeches for whipping up the baying mob. His expression at the end of movie when the phone rings is as if someone had whispered “Eulalie” into his ear.

  8. I like the way he scans the audience so as to make contact with everyone on Youtube. I might start playing encores when I practice my scales in the future.

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