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Quote of the day

This is the reality: Labour managed the economy well until the bankers broke its back.

13 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. Not precisely on topic here, but as the L word is mentioned can I make a special plea?

    I appreciate that advertising helps to fund blogs. However, one very positive result of the Labour election loss is that we have been spared Peter Mandleson’s views and his spectacularly offensive face in the media on quite such a regular basis.

    I for one find it quite nauseating seeing his face at the top of your blog so often. Could we not have a comely topless lass instead?

  2. For the sake of a debate someone’s got to say something like that,when the Tories are repeating the success of their previous Big Lie Propaganda Hit “It’s the Unions wot cause the inflation”with” Credit Crunch be buggered; labour screwed the economy by spending on workless scum”. The trouble with the Labour Party is that they are too polite: not as ill-bred and boorish as the Bullingdon riff raff.

  3. Accepting Ritchie’s argument, if the bankers were able to break the economy’s back, then Labour weren’t managing it very well, were they?

  4. Well if Brown hadn’t totally messed up the system of bank regulation then perhaps the banks wouldn’t have been allowed to do so much damage.

    FSA – 3000 staff, £400m budget. And for what?

  5. Sometimes, Timmy, I wonder why you rant on about this man. But sometimes (just occasionally), I do see why.

    So, in ranting, there is much to be said for brevity: that is (IMHO) the twerp of a target must be brief, for a successful (-ly brief) rant. And, of course, brevity in such a twerp is a rarity.

    So, on this occasion, let us give thanks for the twerpish brevity: a mere 4 words that define the totalitarian narrowness of both his world view and his self-awareness.

    Best regards

  6. I notice Labour’s supporters never worried about all this when the government was busy spending all the tax revenue that it could take from the financial sector over a period of, what? 10 years? Most of the increase in public sector funding so beloved of Labourites was made possible because of the sustained boom of the financial services industry in London. Yes, now the whole house of cards has come crashing down but without that house of cards the public spending would never have been affordable in the first place. All them new schools ‘n’ ‘ospitals, teachers, nurses, doctors, etc? Paid for by the City who they now despise for not continuing to do so.

  7. Replace ‘reality’ with ‘narrative’ and the quote is 100% honest. For Ritchie and the Others, reality is whatever you manage to nail down with a hammer.

  8. it is the new leftist mantra….it was the bankers wot done it. And every time Dave joins in the banker bashing he lets labour slip that little bit further off the hook. Once again labour are setting the agenda….

  9. Labour managed the economy well until the bankers broke its back.

    Well, I guess if you consider creating the conditions for an economic crisis as a good thing, then yes, NuLabour did manage the economy quite well.

    Personally I figure that creating a pseudo boom based on consumer spending underwritten by irresponsible borrowing is bad management bordering on the criminally neglicgent. But everyone is entitled to make a tit of themselves in their own way, I guess.

  10. Murphy nicely manages to ignore the role that ultra-cheap interest rates have played in recent excitements.

    DBC Reed continues to amuse us all, unintentionally.

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