This says much of what I think about the right wing blogosphere:……(…)….I wonder if they ever actually created anything?

It\’s a trivial thing I know, but economists are using how much people trade with Tim Worstall as a proxy for their level of economic development.

I do admit to getting a giggle out of the fact that you can see the results of my day job from space.

7 thoughts on “Ritchie asks”

  1. So what has Mr Murphy created recently, other than words?

    And what “action for the common good” (other than words) has he contributed?

  2. This idea that ‘creating’ is somehow a left wing phenomenon is delerious.

    The man is a tax accountant selling tax-based knowledge on a piecemeal basis. That is fundamentally no different from any other ‘professional services/knowledge-based worker’ bod such as accountants, tax advisers, consultants, lawyers, etc.
    He is unusually interested in his line of work and selects his clients on the basis of their political beliefs, but it doesn’t change a whole heap – he is for hire by the hour, just like the lawyers he loaths.

  3. I trawl the right wing blogosphere as a serial commenter, and I definitely make stuff – food, and lots of it. Wheat, maize, barley, oilseeds, beans. And I make hay as well. I suppose all that doesn’t count tho?

    Interestingly I suspect that in a total reversal of (say) 70 years ago, those on the Left are now predominantly involved in non physically productive activities – employed by the State, or in knowledge based industries – law, media etc. Whereas the Labour Movement historically consisted of men who mined coal, made steel, built buildings, manufactured products of all kinds etc etc. An ironic reversal.

  4. I doubt Murphy has created much of value in his life, at least in my opinion. But I guess he’s got comic potential, and makes us laugh.

  5. I’ve lugged hundred of tons of flour on my shoulders in a bakery, sweated in a chippy, hand-built RF and microwave signal processing circuits under a 25-power microscope, designed simulations of telecomms systems, written hundreds of thousands of lines of code to implement a financial trading platform. Murphy’s done nothing more in the last decade or so except seeing sticks only inerrantly to grasp the wrong end of them. He’s utterly parasitical, and his economic advice, while ‘creative’ has the significant demerit of being a giant pile of horseshit.

  6. I run a creative agency. It deals with everything from illustration, cartoons, and 3D modelling to complicated statistical reporting software.

    In my spare time I’m a member of an amateur dramatics group where we act, dance, sing, build sets, paint, make costumes, design lighting and play musical instruments. I’m currently directing this years pantomime.

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