Ritchie on the cuts

I thought this was a quite gorgeous line:

He claims real spending will be at the same level as 2008 – but he ignores the analysis I offered last Friday.

Well how about that and hush ma\’ mouth n\’all.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer ignores a blog post from a Wandsworth accountant who has retired to Norfolk.

These Tories really are bastard baby eaters, aren\’t they?

4 thoughts on “Ritchie on the cuts”

  1. Perhaps he did consider Richies views, but was more persuaded by the case put forward by Her Majesty’s Treasury. You know the 1000 civil service experts with access to extensive economic models and data and some of the best economic minds in the country. or perhaps he listend to the Bank of England or the office of budget responsibility.

    Of course it makes much more sense to run the economy based on the musing of a blogger with access to a laptop and a packet of crayons. George is clearly being irresponsible by not listening to Richie.

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