Seems a little odd really

Yes, I know, nothing about human sexuality should really surprise us however:

DISCOVERING that your dad is a secret crossdresser would be shocking enough for most children.

But for Samantha McKechnie that was just the beginning of her loving father\’s incredible transformation.

Brian became Becki, began a sex change – then became a LESBIAN.

Seems an awful lot of effort to go through just to keep sleeping with women really.

2 thoughts on “Seems a little odd really”

  1. Tim, that’s nowt!

    Here is one where the transgender father becomes a woman, enters a lesbian relationship with another transgender – and then goes on to become Civic leader in Cambridge:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Cllr Bailey some years ago – very pleasant, competent and well liked.

  2. Don’t knock it – it’s an excellent response to positive discrimination laws. Men just have to go to the interview saying they are pre-op transexual lesbians. Who can gainsay it? It’s a trump card in the game of diversity bingo.

    The same can be said of ethnicity: it is self-defined, so a white British man can say Black Caribbean because this is the ethnicity he “feels” he is.

    I always lie when filling in official paperwork because no-one can call you out for it: if they try they are oppressing your ethnic identity by forcing their racial stereotype on you.

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