Shock, horror!

Public sector broadcaster goes on public sector broadcaster to decry competition with public sector broadcaster from private sector broadcaster.

Thompson stopped just short of calling for the British government to block the bid, but gave the clearest indication yet of the strength of opposition to the deal from the BBC. The business secretary, Vince Cable, has the power to veto the deal on public interest grounds. \”We\’re not saying there\’s been a crime committed here,\” Thompson said. \”What we\’re saying is there is – given the scale of the potential ownership in UK media – there\’s a strong case for looking at it systemically and deciding whether or not anything needs to be done to address the issue.\”

Thompson told Charlie Rose, who hosts a regular chat show on PBS, America\’s publicly funded TV network: \”If the two [News Corp and Sky] were combined, there might be a significant loss of plurality in our media market.\”

Increasing plurality in our media market is of course quite simple. Break up the BBC.

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